National Library of Montenegro (CNL) is a the legal deposit library in Montenegro and a member of COBISS.Net, the cooperative systems of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Montenegro. Its digitalisation programme, MVL, which aimed to network national, higher education, specialised libraries, as well as some public libraries was carried out with the assistance of the Institute for Information Sciences from Maribor (IZUM) and the Foundation for Open Society Institute, Budapest. In 2007 the second stage was implemented which will expand the network. CNL hosts the MIVL (COBISS Centre). There is no OA programme.

There are currently no OA policies registered in ROARMAP.

As of March 2021, there are 8 OA journals published in Monténégro which are listed in DOAJ.

Enabling Environment


National E-CRIS systems include interconnected databases comprising data on research organisations, researchers and research projects. Most of the data is in English.

During the trial period from 2006 to 2008, initial data on researchers and research organisations in Montenegro was collected and entered into E-CRIS.CG by the University Library in Podgorica. Currently, E-CRIS.CG is linked to the COBISS.CG current research information system and its COBIB.CG database. The latter comprises bibliographic records for researchers' bibliographies, which have already been created by some libraries in Montenegro.

Since 1 January 2009, the E-CRIS.CG system has been managed by the Ministry of Education and Science functioning as the National E-CRIS Centre. At the same time, also the methodology of data collecting and updating has been changed.

There are 1053 researchers and 38 research organisations currently included in E-CRIS.CG.

Potential Barriers

“Library activity in Montenegro is characterised by relatively small libraries, ill-equipped (with obsolete computer and communication equipment, or lacking it altogether!), with inadequate staffing, lacking specialised knowledge” (CNL website); limited OA awareness.

Key Organizations

National Library of Montenegro (CNL)

Overview: The national library is part of the COBIB database (in the COBISS.Net – including the cooperative systems of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia and Montenegro), or acting as an intermediary to access specialised information at any internet based computer database. MVL Centre (COBISS Centre)

Communication address: National Library of Montenegro (CNL), Bulevar crnogorskih junaka br.163, Cetinje, Montenegro; e-mail: info(at)

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