In Italy, the Decree No.91 dated August 8, 2013 stated that the publication of results from researchers with public funds accounting for at least 50% should be stored electronically in free access free-of-charge repositories. At the same time, the Conference of Italian University Rectors (CRUI) have signed a position statement to encourage the creation of repositories. Between 2008 and 2018 the percentage of Open Access (OA) publications was roughly estimated to be about 40% over the total number of publications published by Italian institutions

As of March 2021, Italy has 141 OA digital repositories registered in OpenDOAR, most of which are institutional. Mappa Open Data (MOD) is the first Italian repository for Open Access publication of archaeological data. 421 OA journals indexed in DOAJ. Research is carried out in universities and research institutions and is mostly funded by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research.

Enabling Environment

There is a strong information infrastructure in Italy; 34 institutions have a mandate for PhD theses deposition, while 2 have institutional mandates (LUISS, Italian National Health Institute - ISS).

ISS has a policy that states that: ‘All scientific works produced by ISS staff must be transmitted in electronic format (author’s final copy, after peer-review: “post-print”) to the Publishing Activities Unit of ISS, at the moment of acceptance for publication and is immediately available on the ISS Intranet. The metadata is also made available on the Internet, via DSpace ISS and, after the publisher embargo period has expired, the full texts will be made available.

Italy was represented by CNR Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research in the European project Recode (RECommendations for Open Access to Research Data) in Europe, aimed at analyzing benefits and issues of Open Access to data.

G8 Conference 2013-2017: Will provide capacity building support to develop and improve national agricultural and rural linked Open Data.

March 2014: Major regional repository infrastructure initiatives agree to align their activities and networks. Delegates identified several key elements that were to be addressed under the auspices of the Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR), an international alliance of repository initiatives. 

2013 onwards: Publishing of the inventory/catalogue of the agriculturally relevant data on website

Conference of Italian Universities Rectors (CRUI) established a Working Group on OA that has produced recommendations and guidelines on OA for research, repositories, research assessment, institutional repositories, and publications during the period 2007-2009. 71 universities and 2 research institutions are signatories of the Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities.

Portal for the Italian Electronic Literature in Open and Institutional Archives (PLEIADI) provides information and promotes awareness of OA in the scholarly community from its website.

National and Institutional Level Policies/Mandates

After attending the EOSC launch in late 2018, the Italian ministry of research and university delegate formed a Commission of Experts, which included OpenAIRE Italian NOAD, to draught a National Roadmap for Open Science in 2019. The Roadmap was drafted in May 2019, but the Ministry of University and Research has yet to formally launch it. In 2019, the Ministry of University and Research established an Open Access Working Group.

From September 2019 the Ministry of Health is asking to publish the underlying data of publications produced with its fundings, in accordance with the Lancet Reward (REduce research Waste And Reward Diligence) Campaign.

As of March 2021, there are 28 Open Access Policies registered in ROARMAP, 3 of them being funders' OA mandates and rest OA policies from research organizations.

In September 2013, The "Open by Default" concept was introduced with the government decree named "Growth 2.0".

Telethon (Italian not-for-profit institution promoting research in muscular dystrophy and other genetic disorders): On July 22nd 2010 Telethon introduced its Open Access Policy. This applies to research papers resulting from new awards, as well as to existing grants. Telethon considers supporting unrestricted access to the published output of research a fundamental part of its mission. To this end, Telethon has joined the UK PubMed Central (UKPMC), a free-to-access digital archive of peer-reviewed biomedical and life sciences research. The full policy is available online.

Potential Barriers

There is no national OA mandate in Italy and not all institutions have adopted OA policies.

Key Organizations

CRUI working group on Open Access

Overview: Established in order to coordinate and promote activities on Open Access at a national and institutional level. Its main activities are related to drafting some guidelines related to recommendations for OA repositories and journals implementation, and for the deposition of PhD theses into OA repositories. It promotes the inclusion of an OA related clause in the current university bylaws. Communication address: e-mail: segreteriacrui(at)

Portal for the Italian Electronic Literature in Open and Institutional Archives (PLEIADI)

Overview: PLEIADI is a portal for Italian scholarly e-literature in open archives and institutional repositories) originated from the collaboration between two major Italian university consortia, CASPUR and CILEA, within the framework of the AEPIC project. The website offers information on OA, a platform for discussion and information exchange through an OA-wiki-Italia and coordination of the OA-Italia mailing list. Communication address: e-mail: pleiadi(at)

The ISS coordinates (2009-2012) the EU-funded project NECOBELAC, related to the field of public health. It aims to: improve scientific writing; promote open access publication models; and foster technical and scientific cooperation between Europe & Latin American Caribbean (LAC) countries.

Events and Programmes

  • 30 June 2020, Declining Open Science into specific disciplines. The webinar series for Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Pop-up talk: Let's Open Access, 2020-10-22, Italy, Organized by Maria Bellantone, Type: live, panel, discussion, (online)
  • Beyond Open Access: SciPost, 2019-10-22, Italy, Organized by Asja Jelic and the Marie Curie Library (ICTP), Type: talk
  • Non per profitto: La scienza aperta e il ruolo dell'università/Not for profit: The role of Universities in Open Science, 2018-10-25, Italy, Organized by Facoltà di Giurisprudenza, Università di Trento, Type: conference
  • Ricerca scientifica, monopoli della conoscenza e Digital Humanities, 2018-10-24, Italy, Organized by Domenico Fiormonte, Type: convegno
  • Sapienza Open Access day – October 23, 2018, 2018-10-23, Italy, Organized by Sistema bibliotecario Sapienza - Sapienza Library System, Type: conference
  • Open Access Week @Politecnico di Torino, Italy, 2018-10-22, Italy, Organized by Politecnico di Torino, Type: conference, seminars
  • Open Science Data / Open Access Publishing @UniTrieste, 2017-10-27, Italy, Organized by University of Trieste, Type: seminar, workshop
  • EUI Open Access week: Open Access Roundtable: funding and metrics in the social sciences, 2017-10-27, Italy, Organized by Lotta Svantesson, Type: roundtable
  • BiblioVerifica: tools and search strategies against #fakeNews (Facebook barCamp), 2017-10-26, Italy, Organized by Damiano Orru, Type: presentation
  • OpenMed webinar: Open Education: The Moral, Business and Policy Case for OER, 2017-10-25, Italy, Organized by OpenMed project, Type: webinar
  • EUI Open Access week: Open Access Practical Session, 2017-10-25, Italy, Organized by Lotta Svantesson, Type: workshop
  • EUI Open Access week: Information desk Open Access and ORCID, 2017-10-23, Italy, Organized by Lotta Svantesson, Type: information, desk
  • 04 December 2016, Fair data management: best practices and open issues - 14-15 November, Florence, Italy
  • EUI Open Access week: Open Access Publishing in social sciences, 2016-10-27, Italy, Organized by , Type: roundtable
  • Open justice e open science: le esperienze di Juriswiki e OpenQuake, 2016-10-25, Italy, Organized by Elena Giglia, Type: conference
  • La proprietà intellettuale condivisa e gli archivi aperti, 2015-10-21, Italy, Organized by Coordinamento Servizi Bibliotecari Università di Sassari, Type: seminar
  • L’Open Access tra Repository ed Editoria: policies, copyright e valutazione, 2015-10-21, Italy, Organized by Commissione Open Access di Ateneo, Type: meeting
  • Immagini e testi online: il diritto d’autore alla prova del web, 2015-10-20, Italy, Organized by Elena Giglia, Type: seminar
  • EUI Open Access Roundtable: the revolution in publishing, 2015-10-20, Italy, Organized by Lotta Svantesson, Type: roundtable
  • Comunicare la produzione scientifica del Friuli Venezia Giulia: accesso aperto e cataloghi della ricerca, 2015-10-19, Italy, Organized by Cristina Cocever, Type: seminario
  • November 2014: The University of Messina in Sicily, Italy, held an event on the "Messina Declaration 2.0: the Italian road to Open Access". The main event goal was to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Messina open Access Declaration issued in 2004.
  • 30 January 2014: Open Access: Priorities, Obstacles and Opportunities; Turin, Italy.
  • 27 February 2014: Second Conference OpenGeoData Italy; Rome, Italy. 


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